Friday, August 14, 2009

For Senior Citizens who angrily confronted Dem legislators in town hall over "death panel" in Obama's "health plan"

Dear Senior Citizens of US, I heard you are very angry over Obama because his health plan "would create a government death panel to decide if you live or die". Im infuriated too, and I have some suggestions for all the party involved:

1. For senior citizens who are angry over this:
  • Go find a text book for grade 15 and learn how to read and understand English, after all, you guys aren't "illegal immigrants", are you? so you should learn English, right?
  • Go find any health bills pending in congress and take a read, see if you can find any such death panel proposal in there.
  • If you are that stupid, and have no confidence in your own country, please, move on, to heaven, to hell, or to people's republic of Congo, I sincerely hope you heard about that county, if not, go back to read text book again.
2. For Obama:
  • requested news conference from major network every week.
  • single out washington times, single out GOP names
  • single out fake journalist names
  • one by one clarify the falsehood being spread around
  • health insurance is very important? how is that not worth your big mic?
3. For Sarah Palin
  • Trust me, you are digging your own political grave. Dumb people maybe vocal, but they are minority and they are dying soon, am I proposing governmental death panel? no, I think that would be too expensive, but they are indeed old, aren't they?
  • you are an ant compare to Hillary, do everybody a favor and stop pretending you are something that you aren't.
4. For GOP
  • Sabotage items as important as people's health, you guys are insane and stupid
  • For whoever still has small fraction of decent soul left in their GOP minds, go create a new party, stick to your principles of physical conservation and personal freedom. When you guys want to prohibit gay people getting married, prohibiting other religions, anti-minority, ask yourself, what would Lincoln do? don't try to ask him, he would turn his dead face down and bury in shame of what you guys have done to the party.
Thats all, my friends, dumb ones, cowards one, no brain one and bunch of losers. Good luck screwing over USA.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson Passed away, June 25th, 2009


I didn't know why I couldn't connect to AIM yesterday afternoon. Now I know it.

Part of my memory is gone.

He was, is, and always will be:

The King.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Strengths and weaknesses of Scientific theory? Texas text book again?

Yes, I'm a scientist, I would be the first to admit every scientific hypothesis is just that, a hypothesis supported by observations and reasoning.

Since humans make mistakes in observation and reasoning, there is no question all hypotheses have "strengths and weaknesses".

However, let me ask these questions, Ms. Cynthia Noland Dunbar.

exactly why do you think the dumb down high school kid in Texas can "out reason" all the scientist in the world?

do you REALLY expect these dumb down kids to "evaluate" the revolution theory and reach a scientific conclusion? are you nuts?

Do realize, when I said "every theory has strengths and weaknesses", that includes any statements made in bible too. Do you admit the weakness in the conclusions made in bible too? Like "Earth is 6000 yrs old" crap. Like "GOD created everything" crap, like "Jesus is savior" crap.

These people is just so so so stupid, weaknesses of evolution theory, yeah, there are, sorry you dumb down kids and you can't even begin to understand it.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Palm Pre, revolutionary new smartphone, from PALM

smartphone was defined by palm initially, as a "phone that can run other apps".

Since then, all the smartphones are doing exactly the same thing,
all the smartphone's operational structure are the same: app launchers that are fundamentally single tasking. i.e. user needs to terminate one task to operate another one.
Yes, sadly, no improvement over the years. Even so called iPhone, G1, and such, are just that, Glorified App launchers.

on 1/9/2009, first day of CES. Palm is back with another revolution in smartphone.

It creates a WebOS that are truly Multitasking, Task centric, just as a desktop OS. Its leap and bound ahead of anythingg else in the market. It simplify people's life, allow continuous work flow in all tasks people are handling everyday, no need to quit one app to open another, no need to try to find contact of same person from different sources, no need to go into different email account again and again..

This is remarkable achievement of PALM, and this is leading smartphone into a real land of empowering people.

Check out the review from ars, which I think touched the fundamental core of the Pre
By ditching the app + window paradigm (which the iPhone still essentially uses) in favor of a card paradigm, Palm was able to invent a truly task-based interface that lets you use the interface to do things, instead of using apps to do things.

and this

Palm's webOS does not presume any sort of tether at all. The company has totally ditched the idea that you will use this phone in conjunction with a specific "main PC" that contains the canonical, authoritative repository of your data. Instead, webOS draws seamlessly on a variety of data services—not data repositories, but cloud-based services that actively feed the device both data and critical context.

This is a deep, fundamental break with both the iPhone and previous, repository-based smartphone usage models, and it's important enough that other smartphones are bound to follow.

The full length keynote of Palm at CES can be downloaded here (377MB)