Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Firefox 3 download day is TODAY!

In case there is anybody out there who actually read my blog....

Firefox 3 download day is TODAY!

2008-6-17: starting from 10AMPDT (17:00PM UTM or GMT), you can use this tool to figure out starting time in your own time zone

Download will last, of course, forever, numbers of the download will also be counted for ever just for the references, but only downloads in the first 24 hours will be counted to establish the new world record.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Primary Ends, HRC and BO

This is a ungraceful world.

Democratic Elites and left activists pushed BO just pass the finishing line. However, those BO supporters are still being ungracious, totally disregard the fact that he is only leading at most 2% of popular votes, that is, out of 36 million votes.

Left elites like those at Huffingtonpost are being stupid. They are on one side, asking, and fully understand that they need the help from HRC, on the other hand, they don't even want to offer a VP slot for her.

I have no problem with BO's policy, which is almost identical with HRC's, but this "almost-like-a-angel" portray of BO is laughable and stupid. Do all those elites believe BO would be any different than HRC when in WH?

Its sexist in action, and left elites are trying to hide it.

Talk about racist, when 90 of black voters vote for BO, they called it black pride, fine.
When 60% of latinos voted for HRC, they call it racist? what kind of shit is that?

you want to enjoy black pride? then you need to be careful of white-backlash. Can't take it both ways.

Im an elite too, I just hate the sexist. and Im a democrat too. With stupid elite, who are trapped in this stupid two party system, and pretend they can get a candidate drastically change the whole thing about Washington. They are just being stupid, childish, and of course, ungracious.