Wednesday, May 21, 2008

To use Flash in Firefox 3 at EEEPC stock xandros OS

Its EEE, with old gtk 2.8. sad

I previously wrote a post about how to install firefox 3 beta4, beta 5, rc and final on stock eee. basically, is by forcing a gtk 2.10 environment.

Another problem with firefox 3 is that on eee, it seems to have problem with latest flash player. To play nice, you will need to install a file from an older version of flash player.

what you need is a file called flashplayer.xpt, with comes with Flash player 9.0 r48, you can download from here.

extract it and eventually you will have two files>copy it to firefox/plugins (this file can be over written by latest flashplayer ver 9.0 r 125)
flashplayer.xpt -->copy it to firefox/components



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