Monday, May 12, 2008

For Firefox 2 users: what you can expect from Firefox 3, pt5

In this Section, I will just throw all the rest of the stuff I found. Might add more later if I find any new..

9. Here and there of color management.
This is quite important for photographers who cares alot about the color display in the browser. Safari has been support this for a while. Firefox 3 now supports this standard. But its turned off by default. To turn it on (as shown in the fig below):
1.type about:config in urlbar and press enter
2.find the entry with the name of “gfx.color_management.enabled”, you can use the filterbar to facility the search, by typing part of the string into the filter bar.
3.Double click the entry to change the value from false to true
This is how the setting UI looks like

and This is how it looks with test image, you can visit for more information.

2.Integrated extension(addon) installer. Firefox now offers addon installer which can be accessed by goto Tool->Add-ons->Get Add-ons, there you can browse recommended addons, or search for addons with names or general descriptions.

This only includes the compatible addons hosted on AMO (Addons.Mozilla.Org). If the addons you know is not hosted at AMO or does not have compatible version at AMO, you should goto author's homepage or use google.

3.Resizeable search field . When your awesomebar (urlbar) and search field are next to each other, by clicking and dragging the dot between them can resize the length of them

4.Keyhole vs. not Keyhole . “keyhole” is default design of back-forward button of firefox 3 on windows and mac, with a big round back button, the combination looks like a key. However, if you don't like it and just want a normal sized back button, just customize the toolbar and choose to “use small icons”.

5.FTP sorting. Now when you visit a ftp server, firefox allows you to sort to items by name, size, modified time, etc, just by clicking corresponding headers.

6.Combined browsing history. In firefox 2, forward button and backward button offers separate history list. Now in Firefox 3, the history is combined. A check mark and an arrow will inform you the position of current page in history list. Combined menu can be accessed by clicking the drop-down triangle to the right of forward button, or you can still right-click on forward or backward button.

7.BookMark manager Its somewhat different. You can add/remove tags easily by checking them

8.Backingup bookmarks you can still copy out bookmarks.html or export bookmarks.html from bookmark manager as you do in Firefox 2. However, since Firefox 3 has more complicated bookmark tagging system, to preserve the whole library, Its best you use the “backup/restore function” built-in in the bookmark manager.

9.Up to Firefox 3 beta 5, many of us was using this code in userChrome.css to bring up full features of quickfind bar.

#FindToolbar > * {display: -moz-box; }
In firefox 3 final. You will need to add this instead of the old one
.findbar-container>* {display: -moz-box !important;}

10.Full screen mode will auto hide tabbar and menubar , such that the whole screen is used to display webpages. (Windows/Linux only so far, Opera for mac is currently the only browser offers full screen mode on OSX.)

11.I guess I didn't mention, but if you still don't know, Firefox adopted aqua widgets in most places (except drop-down menu) to give you a better looks.

Thats all my friend, enjoy discovering new Firefox 3. Let me know when you find exciting new stuff!
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