Thursday, April 10, 2008

what you can expect from Firefox 3, pt4

There are many changes that are subtle but very nice, hopefully you won't miss them! This part I will introduce two features that intended to improve the ease of use.

7. Passwords....
When we type in
a pair of username/password and click "login", Firefox 2 will pop up a
dialogue ask if you want to "save the password", "not now", "never for
this website"..

However, what if you are not
sure whether the passwords/usernames you just entered is right or not?
popup won't go away until you pick a choice...

Now, In firefox 3, it will only display a info bar on the
top of the page, it will stay there until you leave the page or choose
an action. And it will NOT force you to make choice before the successful login process!
Never again remember the wrong passwords

8. Download Manager

Download Manager has been re-designed. Many handy tools you might like...
firefox will not automatically remove file's name from download histoty
list, due to improved mechanism of database, now you can keep all your
download histoy (you can still right click to remove them manually)

Now first take a look at this manager

right click individual download will give you these options

In the download manager, you can find the information related to each download, they are:
when each of the files was downloaded.
Names of the files
websites from which the files were downloaded
Size of the downloads

Now, did you see the search field at the bottom of download manager? and YES, you can search your download by all the info listed above.
search by its name

Search by the time you download it

Search by the websites from which the file was downloaded

Search by size of the downloaded files

There are even more new exciting things about the downloading in firefox 3
Now you can now resume downloads after restarting the browser or resetting your network connection.

And You can check the status of active download from status bar

I will be talking about some even subtle changes in firefox next time, stay tuned.

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