Monday, April 7, 2008

Move firefox 3's find bar to the top of the window, instead of bottom

1. disable extension compatibility check (you can install "nightly tester tool" for this)
2. install userchrome.js extension here
3. goto your firefox profile folder, go into folder "chrome", open
userchrome.js with text editor (must be plain text editor). append this
to the bottom of the file

/* The following makes the FIND toolbar appear at the top of the screen instead of the bottom */
var tabbrowser = document.getElementById('appcontent');
var findbar = document.getElementById('FindToolbar');
var browser = document.getElementById("content");
tabbrowser.insertBefore(findbar, browser);

save the file, restart firefox

it would look like this
Click image for larger version  Name: findbartop.png Views: 0 Size: 188.9 KB ID: 111226

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Trevor Smithson said...

Thanks, found this via Google. Had an older application that covered up the find bar, this took care of that.