Sunday, April 6, 2008

How to Create a new firefox profile under OSX

This is such a common question, I feel like I should put it down here so I can reference later.

Profile, is where firefox keeps everything about your settings, extensions, themes, boomarks, extensions.

When firefox behave strangely, 99% of the chance that you can correct the problem by creating a new profile.

Be warned, new profile will erase all your settings, You can export bookmarks and passwords first, but you will need to re-install extensions and themes.

The location of profile under OSX is

~/Library/Application Support/Firefox
("~" means your username, "cris" as an e.g., in the Fig)

Ok, lets get started:

  1. export your bookmarks, this can be done from bookmark manager of firefox.
  2. copy out passwords files from old profile, so you can put it back to the new profile and preserve your passwords.
    the files you need to copy out for the passwords are:

    signons*.txt (passwords, usernames, encrypted)
    key*.db (key to the encrypted files)
  3. Once you get bookmarks and passwords backed up, go ahead delete folder "firefox" (or rename it in case you want to be safe and restore it once you found out new profile doesn't solve your problem...)

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