Tuesday, June 26, 2007

GoodBye, Laura Miller

I absolutely think she is a GREAT mayor. ppl criticize her for letting cowboys go to Arlington. so what? Cowboys IS in Irving already!, and guess what, it will always be called "Dallas Cowboys", NOT "Arlington Cowboys". Jerry Jones is a capitalism pig, he just want money, money, more money.

below is from wikipedia

In 1998, Miller was elected to the Dallas City Council representing Oak Cliff and southwest Dallas. In 2002, Miller was elected as Mayor of Dallas, replacing Ron Kirk who left the post to run for the United States Senate position vacated by retiring Texas Senator Phil Gramm.

She fought for and won approval of a strengthened smoking ban, an ordinance prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, a revamped public housing system, a $23 million homeless assistance center, major changes to the city's Trinity River Corridor improvement plan and a taxpayer-funded downtown redevelopment effort.

She forged a compromise between American Airlines and Southwest Airlines to relax and ultimately repeal federal flight restrictions at Love Field Airport.

David Levey, executive vice president for Forest City Enterprises, credits Ms. Miller for reviving a $250 million deal to renovate downtown's long vacant Mercantile Bank Tower.

GoodBye, Miller, Hopefully Tom Leppert will be half as good as you.

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