Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Firefox 3.0 progress report 20070626, ghost shadow during dragging of pics

As you can see in the picture, when left click on any image in the webpage (non-linkable) and drag, firefox 3.0 now display a shadow image following the mouse. This features works under (at least) linux and OSX. I will try windows version later.

Again, firefox trunk can be downloaded from HERE.

GoodBye, Laura Miller

I absolutely think she is a GREAT mayor. ppl criticize her for letting cowboys go to Arlington. so what? Cowboys IS in Irving already!, and guess what, it will always be called "Dallas Cowboys", NOT "Arlington Cowboys". Jerry Jones is a capitalism pig, he just want money, money, more money.

below is from wikipedia

In 1998, Miller was elected to the Dallas City Council representing Oak Cliff and southwest Dallas. In 2002, Miller was elected as Mayor of Dallas, replacing Ron Kirk who left the post to run for the United States Senate position vacated by retiring Texas Senator Phil Gramm.

She fought for and won approval of a strengthened smoking ban, an ordinance prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, a revamped public housing system, a $23 million homeless assistance center, major changes to the city's Trinity River Corridor improvement plan and a taxpayer-funded downtown redevelopment effort.

She forged a compromise between American Airlines and Southwest Airlines to relax and ultimately repeal federal flight restrictions at Love Field Airport.

David Levey, executive vice president for Forest City Enterprises, credits Ms. Miller for reviving a $250 million deal to renovate downtown's long vacant Mercantile Bank Tower.

GoodBye, Miller, Hopefully Tom Leppert will be half as good as you.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

a short review: Evan Almighty

It is as funny as NPR, its humorous, but you need to have some knowledge to understand it.

The story line is interesting, but shallow.

and NO, its NOT following up of Bruce Almighty, which is crap.

Only animals worth checking out.

Call it as I see it, Its racism

Looking at the senators who oppose comprehensive immigration bill, geographically. What do you see?

a new confederacy! call it as you see it. They are RACISTS. so much for the "apology for the blacks" from those states' government. Why bother faking it when you don't mean it, racists are stupid, pretend not to be when you really are, is even more stupid.

update of firefox 3, 20070623 nightly build, no conflict with SCIM, remember font size of each website

u don't need to edit run-mozilla.sh and firefox.sh anymore, finally! just simply download, extract, and run!

also. now firefox 3 remembers font size setting on a site-specific basis, so new website will not inherit the font size of last viewed page when they are in same tab. and u don't need to manually change font size multiple times for one page anymore, just do it once, firefox will remember it next time u visit it, even after u restart the computer!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Apple is a photocopy machine?

Steve Jobs kept accusing other ppl of copying apple's "innovation", while dear, how much stuff in Apple's new OSX 10.5 leopard are copied from other OSes?

Transparent Menu bar, I guess you all know its in linux for ages.

I want to point to a thing called "cover flow", it really nice, but suddenly I realize how similar it is with the windows XP folder preview. of course you can argue the nice transition animation between two previews as well as better design, but the idea (one by one display a large thumbnail preview out of a bunch of files in the normal file manager) and window structure (left side panel is locations/userful links, right side is files and a big preview) are exactly the same!

Take a Look:

Dallas's New Mayor, Tom Leppert

Dallas voters voted about 58% for Tom Leppert (not-D). I don't know what part affiliation he is, but he is a retired CEO with bunch of North Dallas votes, so he can't be a D.

This is a weird election, Ed Oakley (D) campaigned like a student of Karl Rove, negative tactics all around. Im not saying Leppert is clean, maybe I didn't receive his negative postcard just because Im not a registered republican.

Anyway, Dallas needs a stronger mayor, sorry Ms. Miller failed to pass the strong mayor resolution, but hey, if Dallas residents are so stupid, whatelse can you do?

Good luck dealing with city council, Mr. Leppert.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

FIREFOX for Linux 3.0 nightly build, now supporting the native widgets

according to Burning Edge

Fixed: 329846 - Enable native theme in HTML content on Linux.

Now its looks much better, download from HERE

Friday, June 15, 2007

Safari for windows, a Joke

This is a user's comment about safari for windows from betanews.com
Hey Mac, Hey PC.
MAC: why you so blue PC?
PC: Well I tried this Safari browser and now I keep crashing.
MAC: Well if you were a Mac and used our browser you wouldn’t have this problem.
PC: What browse do you use Mac?
Mac: Firefox…
Very funny, :D